First of all, we would like to show who we are.
our activities there

SmileLog is a smart tracking code (Python3.x)

SmileValidator is valaditing in another way (Python3.x)

BashBundle is compress and merge clientside files tool (Bash)

Clientside tools: to assist developer for common task such as encrypt, decryption, json formatter, ...etc

It is a great live Web application for printing out log.

Business trick


What we did

7 years ago, we have developed many application and deliver. There are 4 points of our experience

  • Technical -> No problem with technology
  • Logical Business -> Understand very quick
  • Timeline -> More people with skillful
  • Predictable -> Application stays for longterm


We keep moving forward as well with many projects in our hand. All platforms that we provide our service such as web app, mobile app, serverless, and network infrustructure.

Additionally, we added Social Media Management and Digital Marketing service in 2020.

The standardization code, data store modernization, and performance are not our concern, just let choose what is fit your organization.

So proude of our team that is one of the great teams, and are walking on AI street.

Request Quotation

Would reply all your requests even it does not related much to our service, but, if you think, you should ask.

please complete it and send to us via [email protected]. Happy to see your request.

< Development Team />

Need a quality or just a finished task. Our team take focus on the quality and a great result with the strong developer mind.
Always, we challenge the time with the latest technology.